What Kind of Teacher Will You Be?

The Lunder School of Education (LSOE) provides preservice teachers with the opportunity to learn about their best capabilities as a future teacher. We listen to Maine principals, staff, teachers, and superintendents to keep our program up-to-date on the latest trends and needs of the wonderful field and profession of PK-12 education.

You will leave Thomas College with:

  • Over 920 hours of classroom experience, with opportunity for paid experiences such as substitute teaching
  • Classroom experience from freshmen to senior year
  • At least one professional teaching certification. Several of our programs result in dual-certifications
  • The opportunity to jumpstart your career in three years—all of our programs can be completed in 3 years

As part of our teacher preparation program, you’ll experience:

  • Classroom experience freshmen to senior year
  • Up to trend and responsive of latest requests of administrators and superintendents in Maine
  • All inquiry-driven, project-based, and hands-on coursework
  • Coursework taught by full-time faculty with classroom experience. Adjuncts and guest speakers include:
    • Practicing veteran teachers
    • Maine or County Teachers of the Year
    • Practicing area administrators (principals, assistant principals, etc.)

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs


Katie Rybakova Associate Professor of Education and Chair of the Lunder School of Education [email protected] 207-859-1158